Lubbock Photos




I can’t stand the way my photos look on Facebook so I’m uploading these here!  The family ones were taken by my friend Melody who is a photographer in Lubbock and edited by me!  She took them with my camera even!  Isn’t that sweet?  Just click on the gallery and you can use your arrow buttons to view each one.

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ABC Jesus Loves Me (weeks 1-4)

We are beginning the 2 Year Curriculum from on August 27th.  Below are the lesson plans I drew up for the first 4 weeks.  They include only the ideas that I felt would work for us.  Following the lesson plans are links to the worksheets from the web site that should be printed if using these lesson plans, and a list of additional items needed.

Additional Items: 
Jesus Storybook Bible
White Construction Paper (4 pieces)
Black Construction Paper (2 pieces)
Cotton Balls (4 or 5)
Shaving Cream
Blue, Red, Green Finger Paints
Books: Llama Llama Red Pajama, an alphabet book, a colors book, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
Various foods for each week 
Apple Stickers
Blue, Red, Yellow String/pipe cleaners
sorting toy
Play dough
Blocks/building toys

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Oliver 21 Months

We are quickly approaching Oliver’s second birthday and Calvin’s due date!  This fall is sure to be an exciting time for us 🙂  Oliver turned 21 months on August 12.  He is a feisty, busy, chatty boy.  He loves cars, truks, buses, airplanes and “choo choos.”  He is also very interested in bugs and bees, birds, ducks, and every other kind of animal really.  

Oliver’s vocabulary is quickly growing.  He puts words together and will repeat almost anything we say if we ask him to, though not always perfectly.  He likes to add “ie” to the end of words that end in “s” or “sh.”  So, he says “fishy” “horsie” “washie” “peasie” (please) and a dozen others this way.  

Oliver LOVES being outside.  Sometimes it can be quite traumatic for him when we get out of the car and go straight into the house.  He always asks to go “out” or “side” or “outside.” 

He’s still quite the helper and sometimes he really is helping me these days!  For example, I’ll grab as much as I can out of the dryer and he’ll follow behind with the rest.  Or, he’ll hand me the dishes out of the dishwasher so I don’t have to bend over.  

He surprises me every day with how much he understands.  Sometimes I’ll say something off hand and he’ll respond appropriately showing me he understood when I really didn’t expect him to.  

Oliver loves his friends and especially enjoys other high energy kids to run around with.  There are several little boys at church that are a few years older but play really well with him.  He really enjoys their attention and copying what they do.

I am going to go through my facebook posts and try to put all those stories onto this blog so I’ll have them in one place.  Until then, here are the photos we took today at the park.   

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His Cuteness

Oliver tries to tip his straw cup up when he drinks from it like a sippy cup, but it doesn’t work that way.  So, the other day I told him to hold the cup down.  For the rest of the evening he would put his cup down between his knees and bend over to drink from it!  haha so confused

He has this new face he makes when he’s surprised or excited about something.  See below.


Oliver has the worst skinned knees of any kid I know.  He falls down constantly, rarely getting upset about it.  Today they look really bad.  I need to buy him knee pads!


Oliver is really starting to talk and has put words together a couple of times.  He thinks anything round and red is an “ah-el” (apple).  Today at the park he wanted to get up on the play structure and said, “Up mommy.”  Today when he was trying to get my attention he said, “Mama, mama, mama,” and when I didn’t look at him he switched to, “mommy, mommy, mommY”

We really like his “where” hands.


This morning when I went in to get him from his crib I walk talking to him and telling him I loved him.  He didn’t make a sound but showed me everything in his crib.  Then I said something about daddy being at work and he said, “Daddy?”  He reached up for me to pick him up and then made his “where” hands and looked around for daddy.  🙂  He LOVES his daddy.


Stephen was rubbing my foot the other day so Oliver came over and rubbed the other one.


Oliver is really into hugging other kids.  This photo below is of him hugging Aiden and it’s pretty typical for how his hugs go.  They are long and usually unanticipated or undesired by the other party 🙂 lol He has now fallen down with two kids because he was hugging them too long and they tried to get away.  


At church on Sunday he got really upset when he fell down hugging a friend who of course started crying cause he hit his head pretty hard.  I couldn’t shake the feeling Oliver was upset was because he felt really bad and wanted the other little boy to forgive him.  Nothing would make him happy until the other little boy started running back toward him smiling a few minutes later.  Oliver got a huge smile on his face and ran at him… to give him another hug.  The whole thing repeated and we just had to leave lol.  Poor little guy just loves people.  

Oliver likes to put glasses on his face and carry bags around like mommy and daddy.  Haha Stephen is going to die when he sees I posted this photo 🙂



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